Alpha Global Campaign

Global Creative Direction
OOH, digital content, social, film & editorial

Over the past few years Bear Grylls has become the embodiment of adventure and outdoor survival in the public imagination. A former reservist in the SAS, Bear has climbed Everest, navigated the Northwest Passage and Paramotored over the Himalayas. 

As well as being an adventurer, writer and television presenter, Bear is a former guest on Alpha. Despite a life characterised by risk, danger and the unknown, it is this exploration of faith that he describes as his ‘greatest adventure’.

Bear’s is just one of millions of different stories of exploration—of asking life’s biggest questions without knowing what will be found. 

Whether it’s from the streets of the Philippines or the sidewalks of New York it’s great to be reminded that everyone’s journey is different, and everyone’s story is unique.

Overall Creative Direction
Design & Art Direction in collaboration with Alpha International.

Main campaign photography – Hamish Brown
Copywriting/Script – Jane McKeever
Secondary photography – Alex Douglas Director/Cinematographer – Andy Clarke/Paul Akinrinlola