Church Army

UK Rebrand

Church Army was founded in England in 1882 by the Rev. Wilson Carlile to enable ordinary Christian men and women to share their faith. Through his visionary work, people were trained to be evangelists in the Church of England amongst the most needy in society.

The organisation needed to be redefined for a younger generation whilst not alienating an older donor base. They needed a new brand to accurately represent who they are, and more importantly, why they do it.

Overall Creative Direction, Design & Art Direction. 
Digital expression - in collaboration with Holly Dixon at Collider.

Hero Brand Photography by Matt Miller.

"The approach taken started with a strategic process. This process combined with creativity inspired confidence in stakeholders at all levels of our organisation. 

The rebrand has enabled us to authentically represent who we to a new generation, and the work has given my staff a renewed confidence, and given them a brand to be proud of." 
Mark Russell, Chief Executive, Church Army.